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AbiWord updates

We've made some really outstanding progress on AbiWord recently.

Firstly AbiCollab our real-time document collaboration tool, is making fantastic progress.

We can now transmit the most complex documents and all our features work in collaborative mode. Undo/Redo works as expected during collaborative sessions, whereby only the local users changes are undone/redone. It's all looking very promising and appears to be fullfilling our vision. I hope we can make a 2.5.0 alpha release with the feature mostly working within a month. There is a reasonable chance of unveiling uwog's Secret Project at the same time :-)

Our SoC'ers sum1, Jauco Noordzij and Erik Pukinskis have been powering along too.

Sum1 has been improving our import and export filters for odt and docbook. His work with docbook has reached the point where we can import the evolution help file written in docbook format.

Jauco's pdf importer has reached the "working plugin" stage and he has just blogged about having detected columns in pdfs. It will be fascinating to watch him develop hueristics to turn pdf's into wordprocessor documents.

Erik's code to enable AbiWord to be run in the sugar framework for OLPC was just recently committed too.

I wanted to test this out so I followed the instructions to build sugar, helping found here.
Step 1. Install the following dependicies with yum. Damn! yum fails with: [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404: Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 07:30:31 GMT
I can't see what is wrong. So I try pirut but it damands some weird perl module for git-svn that is not available. So I just download and install the rpms by hand, fire up the jhbuild process and it completes!
Next try ./sugar-jhbuild run
But I'm faced with a blank screen. Damn! OK I'll send an email to olpc-software list and see what could be wrong. Maybe I do need that perl module after all.

The most important phase of contributing to Open Source software is getting the project to build. In the case of sugar, which is clearly using bleeding edge software everywhere, this quite a challenge. Hopefully I get over the hump and help with AbiWord-on-sugar. sounds tasty eh?

Finally I have to plug Ryan Pavlik's fantastic Community Outreach Project. While not as out there as zennies old AbiWord Weekly News, Ryan certainly manages to to supply inspiration to the project and feedback to our users. Thanks Ryan!
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