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AbiCollab vs MicroSoft

On Wednesday week I will give my presentation on our AbiCollab real-time collaboration tool at 2008.

I was also asked if I wanted to have a table at the OpenDay on Saturday. I thought it would be fun to have two or more OLPC XO's on hand to allow interested people to try out AbiCollab in the "write" activity. I asked on the LCA chat mailing list and jdub, Pia Waugh, James Cameron and Joel Stanely very kindly have offered some XO's for the stand. Joel also sent this lovely email..

Hi Martin,

I have 3 XO's that are >= B4, and would be happy for you to use to demo.

I love Write's collaboration feature. The most notable demo I did
using it was at a IT summer camp in Romania. I had an XO sitting out
the front, sharing a Write session, with a camera projecting the
screen for all to see. As I continued my talk, I passed around a
second XO which joined the session, and let the audience type up
"hello world" messages for all to see. They loved it! The technical
awesomeness of AbiCollab was demonstrated with the Microsoft guys came
to do their presentation about their word processor collaboration
tool; they spent 45 minutes getting the server up and running, and
then it crashed while they were demoing!

Joel is also leading an OLPC BOF so if you're interested and in Melbourne, come along!

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