msevior (msevior) wrote,

The stupidest bug in firefox..

I have a large presentation on my work computer. My colleague wants me to send it to him. I'm at home. I could copy it to my home PC then attach it to an email. The problem is that my home machine has a nice fast (1 megabyte/sec) download connection to work but only about 60 kilobits upload. Sending it from home will be slow...

I know,I think, I'll just ssh -X into seviorpc at work, open upfirefox, connect to my webmail and send it from there......

Whoops! I forgot about the stupidest bug in firefox.

If it detects a local instance, instead of redirecting the graphics of a remote instance, it just opens up a another local window which means I can't just attach that file on my remote machine after all.

The crazy thing is that the firefox devs must have tried REALLY HARD to implement this bug. I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea.
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