msevior (msevior) wrote,

Math Exported to HTML for AbiWord 2.8

AbiWord uses Itex as it's math composition language. We then use Itex2MML to convert this to MathML and GtkMathView to display this within AbiWord. Having created this MathML we can export it to HTML, which together with a cool piece of javascript written by Sam Ruby, enables this to be displayed in firefox or any other MathML compliant browser.

Behold a cool new feature for AbiWord-2.8

Click to see the image in it's full glory.

The source *.abw file is here.
The complete exported *.html is here.

BTW these files are the reference documentation for Itex commands. As you can see, Itex and MathML are very expressive and allow a very wide range of Mathematical expressions. AbiWord supports a significant fraction of Itex but unfortunately not all. We need to work GtkMathView and itex2MML to get complete coverage.
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